G Force - X Treme 37

Having designed winning yachts in every major regatta around the globe in recent years, Reichel-Pugh Yacht Design needs no introduction to the yachting scene.

At Reichel-Pugh, the science of high technology in yacht design is uniquely combined with an innate ability to translate a client´s dreams into reality. Whether it´s performance cruising or offshore racing, Reichel-Pugh has had unparalleled success at producing some of the world´s most distinctive and consistently rewarding sailing yachts. (more information at reichel-pugh.com) 

Designed by the world-famous yacht-design partnership of John Reichel and Jim Pugh, the G-Force X-Treme 37 has been designed to the most exacting standards to be powerful and fast both upwind and downwind. 

Brief to the Reichel-Pugh design team was that the yacht be not only robust and long lasting, but also really simple to sail. Hence, the yacht is totally uncompromising in terms of fun, thrills and excitement. This 37-foot Production Fixed Keel Racer, 37, is built entirely in carbon, including the mast, boom and spinnaker pole and even the interior, while state-of-the-art specifications have demanded that only the highest quality and most exotic materials available have been used throughout. 

After winning the South Atlantic Trophy by the all carbon G-Force X-Treme 37 in the Cape to Bahia 2006 it is not the time for us to sit down and relax. New plans are made, new races are chosen... 

As "Windsong", sailing under Great-Britain flag, is a tiller steered version we proudly can announce that a wheel steered version just came out of the production. A new star is born... 

Contact :
G-Force Yachts
Mattensteiger 2
3311 BL Dordrecht
The Netherlands 

Tel. : +31 640 599 478 

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