Philippe Briand design - Bristolian II, 120' Briand

Bristolian II, a Philippe Briand design, has just been launched in New Zealand. She was built by Yachting Development for an experienced owner.

Philippe Briand tells us:

« The first meeting with her owner took place on board his previous Bristolian off Dubrovnik in Croatia.

To sum things up, top on his list of specifications was: « a very different yacht from the others ! » But he already wanted a yacht which performed every bit as well as the Bristolian N.1 and which was every bit as sensitive. So I pushed for a carbon composite boat with a lifting keel, with modern hull lines. Our reference was the Hamilton II design, wow, increasing the waterline due to a more vertical bow. 

The deck saloon concept, common to all our designs was also accepted right away, but with a difference. The owner wished to have the advantages of a low saloon below the deck which was wider and to port whilst having a higher panoramic dining area to starboard.
This led to the design of the original asymmetrical deck saloon which is in fact rather ingenious ! 

The most difficult stage was designing the deck lines. Owner specifications were for "out of the box" lines, based on a voluminous and panoramic coach roof. Both pods were particularly important to him, as they have to protect two watch areas, but they have to suggest the profile of the « Maserati » on the 1950´s circuit! He also attached a great deal of importance to a minimum superstructure height throughout the whole length of the cockpit in order to facilitate the view of passengers when lying down on the seats. Creating a deck with a large central volume, with two boxes abaft with nothing to link them was no mean feat ! 

After a great many sketches and lots of thought, a particular form suddenly became clear : the « bionic » form of the coachroof and the « Maserati » form of the pods are two independent forms which stretch out their arms to encircle a large cockpit in the middle ! 

Designing the Bristolian II was one of the most challenging projects, not only for me but also for the builder Yachting Development, and for the project manager, Peter Tabone. 

All together have achieved a yacht with a unique DNA ! » 

Technicals caracteristiques:
Length overall: 36.70 m
Length waterline: 33.39 m
Beam: 8.15 m
Draft: 3.25 / 5.25 m
Unloaded displacement: 130 t
Upwind sail area: 645 m²
Downwind sail area: 1,280 m²
Main engine: 600 Hp
Fuel capacity: 6,700 l
Water capacity: 3,800 l
Naval architect: Philippe Briand
Interior design: Emma Tabone
Builder: Yachting Development
Project manager: Peter Tabone 

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