Philippe Briand Design - New 108’ Design

The latest design from the Briand pen is a 108’ carbon composite sloop built by Vitters Shipyard. The composite hull is currently being built by Green Marine in Southampton and a launch is expected in May 2013.

This Briand design is based on the requirements of her owner. He wanted a high performance yet ‘timeless’ sailboat. 

High performance 

An intriguing project, Philippe Briand became fascinated instantly. The yacht is based on a high-tech carbon structure. The keel is a lifting keel with a draft of 5.25 m. The high aspect ratio sail plan is directly based on the latest monohulls used for the America's Cup. 


On the criterion of style, Philippe Briand has devoted a large amount of his attention to design a boat that is both well proportioned and very balanced. He interpreted the “timeless” request of the owner in the following way: cultivated over many years, yachting is an old tradition which has gradually evolved to have its own culture. Being aware of this culture enables one to identify the traits that distinguish an elegant boat. With this in mind, Philippe Briand designed a hull whose main features are a moderate beam, a sloped transom, a low freeboard and accentuated sheerline. Each of these features are, in his eyes, qualities of the most beautiful sailing yachts that have existed over the past 70 years. Combining these qualities has made the 108’ a truly timeless design. 

With her striking green hull she is also distinctive and instantly recognisable, ensuring she stands out from the crowd. 

Due to launch in 2013, she is expected to participate in superyacht races which traditionally see both the most efficient and elegant yachts competing. 

Technical specifications :
Overall Length : 33,44 m
Waterline Length : 30,57 m
Beam : 6,89 m
Waterline Beam : 6,32 m
Draft : 3,75 / 5,35 m
Unloaded Displacement : 85,0 t
Loaded Displacement : 93,5 t
Sail Area Upwind : 571 m²
Sail Area Reaching : 919 m²
Sail Area Downwind : 1.069 m² 

Projects in the pipeline 

Philippe Briand has several more high performance designs in the latter stages of development. These include a 90’, 104’, 121’ and a 150’, details of which will be announced over the coming months. 

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