Seacart - Testsailing - SeaCart 30

In the coming week the first sailing SeaCart 30 will arrive in Stockholm.

Olympic sailors like Paul Elvström, Göran Marström, Kalle Sunesson as well as Ocean habitants like Marc Lombard, Anders Lewander and others have already sailed the SC30 (and they loved it). Now you are more than welcome onboard ! 

10 boats are being built. 2 is sold. 4 will be delivered until 7 of May. The remaining 6 in the beginning of June. The UP NORTH SeaCart Series 2005 is in the pipeline. We are looking at 5-6 races in different parts of Scandinavia. With this in place it will give you and your crew the opportunity to participate in fast OD races in-shore and off-shore as well as explore the countries of the midnight sun. 

More than 280 persons from all over the world showing interests in the SeaCart 30. The time for a fast, fun and cost effective One Design Class is now ! This is your chance to take part in a new era in OD racing. Welcome. 

Email : info@oceanlakemarine.com
Site : http://www.oceanlakemarine.com 

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