Yam by Zodiac

2006 model line, Zodiac plays its part in latest YAM line-up for 2006

New range offers better value and quality than ever. 

For many years, YAM inflatables have been popular with customers from all walks of boating life for their stylish design and user-friendly features, and they have become a familiar sight in harbours, ports and marinas all around European coastlines; many and varied uses have been found for them on inland waters as well. These boats have always been known for the immense practicality of their designs, as well as for the simple, no-frills appeal that has become the true hallmark of a YAM inflatable. 

Perhaps it is this single-minded approach to workmanlike design and specification that has earned the YAM name its formidable reputation as a tough, long-lasting, value-for-money package. 

Now, to add even further credibility to the pedigree of the YAM line-up, Yamaha Motor Europe, the brand´s Holland-based parent, which this year celebrates its 50th Anniversary, has introduced an expanded range of new models for the 2006 season, all now developed and built in partnership with Zodiac International, the world´s leading manufacturer (and the original inventors) of inflatable craft. 

In their latest publicity materials, Yamaha are justifiably proclaiming that a YAMAHA is now "The World´s Favourite Outboard" and another factor which has already earned the loyalty and trust of YAM owners Europe-wide, is that each YAM model is designed to work at its best when matched up with an outboard from this huge range, renowned for turnkey reliability and world class performance. 

By adding to the four Zodiac-built models already launched successfully in 2005, Yamaha´s new range now features eight different YAM models in three different product-use categories. 

YAM Tenders
2.00 m - 2.40 m - 2 models
The smallest models, designed for a dry, comfortable and stable ride. Easy to steer and manoeuvre, a YAM Tender is also incredibly simple to pack up and stow away. Perfect for its role as a basic tender and family runabout. 

YAM Sport Tenders
2.75 m - 3.10 m - 2 models
Distinguished by their larger size, inflatable floors and keels, plus other features, the YAM Sti models move up to the next level in performance, handling, comfort and convenience. 

YAM Sport
2.75 m - 3.80.m - 4 modelsHere the focus is on exceptional performance and exploration capability - precisely what´s needed for watersports, family holidays, or for duty as a large tender or serious utility craft. 

Yam by Zodiac 

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