2008 olympic windsurfing

A statement has been released from NeilPryde Windsurfing, regarding the NeilPryde RS:X as the class for the Olympic Windsurfing event, which clarifies important issues concerning the RS:X programme. Excerpts.

Neil Pryde´s earlier announcement was not intended as a `product launch´, it was simply to confirm that the NeilPryde RS:X proposal had been chosen from among several tenders made to the ISAF from windsurfing industry suppliers. 

We wish to make it clear that the Olympic Windsurfing Class is strictly controlled and run by the ISAF. NeilPryde Ltd., is simply the manufacturer and supplier of equipment, which has been designed in accordance with ISAF / Olympic performance guidelines. 

NeilPryde RS:X products will be made available through National Sailing Associations and other ISAF accredited bodies or vendors, which we will list in due course. NeilPryde Ltd will assist only in the stocking and re-supply of RS:X products directly to these ISAF accredited organisations and vendors in accordance with ISAF directions. 

NeilPryde Ltd., will therefore make a formal announcement on 15 February 2005 on our website, in which we will confirm the following important details : 

1. Final Specifications of all RS:X products and components.
2. Official Release Dates of RS:X products worldwide.
3. Contact details of all Official ISAF Authorised Vendors of RS:X products worldwide. 4 4. Prices & Delivery Details for all RS:X products and components.
5. Warranty & Servicing arrangements for RS:X products.
6. Details of the Official RS:X Website, where all the above information will be maintained and updated. 

NeilPryde Windsurfing 

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