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The Neil Pryde RS:X board, the new equipment for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Windsurfer Men and Windsurfer Women events, is now in production.

Information regarding pricing is also available on the Neil Pryde website. For the months of June-August 2005, the sale of Neil Pryde RS:X board and rig components will be restricted to a list of priority countries and MNAs determined by ISAF. ISAF would like to ensure that all those countries with an existing Olympic campaign have an equal opportunity to receive the first Neil Pryde RS:X board and rig packages. An existing Olympic campaign is defined as those countries and competitors who participated in the Athens 2004 Olympics, or recent ISAF World Championships. By the end of September 2005 onwards, the Neil Pryde RS:X will be made available to sailing clubs and the general windsurfing public. 

The Neil Pryde website has now also been updated to include the final product information for the Neil Pryde RS:X. This includes the final specifications for the board, sail, product user guides and warranty information. 

Site : http://www.neilpryde-rsx.com/en/home/rsx_index.php 

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